Public sector governance

Good governance in the public sector is the cornerstone for efficient and effective organisational performance and is underpinned by a number of accountability requirements. Systems and structures for governance need to be supported by effective leadership and organisational culture.

In the context of the WA public sector, governance is defined as encompassing the systems and structures by which an organisation is directed, controlled and operated and the mechanisms by which it and the people within it are held to account.

Governance arrangements vary between different types of public sector bodies, such as departments, statutory authorities, government trading enterprises or boards, due to their differing roles, functions and operational context.

The governance guides listed below encompass most public sector accountability requirements. These support and complement other organisational performance systems and outcomes. The guides are being reviewed and updated and further material will be added over time.

Good governance guide for public sector agencies

Good governance guide for public sector agencies assists WA public sector agencies to meet relevant public sector accountability requirements. It contains links to most cross-government accountability requirements in a single and simple framework.

Efficient and effective organisational performance incorporates and goes beyond these accountability requirements.

Good governance for boards and committees

Good governance for boards and committees is designed to assist public sector boards and committees to build and enhance a broad understanding of public sector governance principles and establish an appropriate controls environment to ensure accountability, probity and transparency.

The guide outlines key governance principles which are supported with explanatory information and application aids to give practical meaning to the principles.

Annual reporting framework

The Public Sector Commissioner's Circular: 2018-01 Annual Reporting advises agencies of the requirement to prepare, submit and publish an annual report. To support the circular, the PSC has prepared the Annual reporting framework 2017/18.

Guidelines for the review of legislation

The Guidelines for the review of legislation outline the stages likely to be covered by most legislative reviews.

Page last updated 11 June 2018