Administrative compliance obligations

Effective compliance and regulatory programs, systems and processes are essential components of good governance and contribute to the achievement of broad public sector and individual agency goals and outcomes.

Public sector bodies are required to comply with a number of obligations. Some occur in relation to the annual reporting cycle, as outlined in the Annual reporting framework

Compliance and reporting obligations required under WA legislation and government policy are listed in the Compliance calendar. Agencies are encouraged to use the calendar as a reference point and adapt it for their own use. 

Feedback and updates on these resources are welcome and can be provided to the Commission.

In 2014, in partnership with a number of agencies, the Public Sector Commission conducted a review of current public sector compliance obligations in administration and management. The review sought to achieve better awareness of the issues regarding the costs and burden of internal compliance and reporting; identify good practice principles and examples; and stimulate further action and progress in this area.

The findings of the review and information about good practice in administrative compliance for all public sector bodies are contained in a report: Reviewing compliance obligations- a good practice approach.


Page last updated 30 May 2018