Annual report​ing guidelines

  • Reporting at the end of each financial year is a requirement for agencies as defined by the Financial Management Act 2006.
  • An annual report provides the Western Australian Parliament with information about the performance of an agency reporting under the Public Sector Management Act 1994. It also assists the community to understand the public sector’s diverse operations.
  • These guidelines are a summary of expectations, reporting requirements and details of where to obtain advice about specific obligations when drafting an annual report. As it is only a summary, please check original sources as referenced. 
  • The cost of producing an annual report is not required to be provided to the Public Sector Commission as in previous years. However, this information should be available if the agency is asked to provide the cost (e.g. through a media request or Parliamentary Question).
  • When calculating costs include:
    • costs paid to external printing companies
    • cost of printing the 12 copies required to be tabled in Parliament
    • cost of the number of staff working on the report, multiplied by their hourly salary rates
    • cost of external consultants and resources involved in producing the report (excluding external printing costs as above).

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Page last updated 12 July 2019