Government policy requirements

Substantive equality

An agency is required to report progress achieved in implementing the Policy Framework for Substantive Equality. Reporting by agencies is used to inform the Public Sector Commission and the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity about resources required to assist in the effective implementation of the framework.

Include a summary that meets the requirements of the Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2015-01: Implementation of the Policy Framework for Substantive Equality.

For enquiries, email the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Occupational Safety, Health and Injury Management

An agency must report on its occupational safety, health and injury management performance and commitment in relation to the minimum requirements of Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2018-03: Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector.

Templates for performance reporting on occupational safety, health and injury management are in the circular.

Further information on complying with this reporting requirement, including the calculation and reporting of the performance measures, is on the Public Sector Safety website.

For enquiries, email the Safety Regulation Group at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Government Building Training Policy

This reporting requirement under Premier’s Circular 2015-02: Government Building Training Policy is for monitoring implementation of the Government Building Training Policy. The policy aims to increase the number of apprentices and trainees in the building and construction industry through targets. 

An agency that did not issue in-scope contracts is not required to report against this policy.

An agency that did issue in-scope contracts must report implementation of the policy over the financial year in its annual report. 

A copy of the annual reporting template is on the Department of Training and Workforce Development website.

If an agency has issued contracts in scope of the policy, it must email the Department of Training and Workforce Development with a copy of the information provided in its annual report by 30 September 2019.

For enquiries, email the Department of Training and Workforce Development.


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