Tabling, distribution and publication


  • Unless an act provides otherwise, the financial year ends on 30 June. An agency’s annual report, including audit opinion, is to be tabled by the relevant Minister in Parliament within 90 days of the end of the financial year (section 64 Financial Management Act 2006).
  • For the 2019 calendar year, this 90-day period ends on Friday 27 September 2019. Note that the last sitting date for Parliament before the deadline for reporting is Thursday 26 September 2019. Dates may vary according to the legislation for an agency so check the period for the date of submission.
  • The Minister’s office should have enough time to consider the draft annual report and meet the tabling deadline.
  • If an agency’s annual report cannot be tabled on time, the Minister must report to Parliament with the reason/s why and advise a revised tabling date (section 65 Financial Management Act 2006).
  • The version of the annual report tabled by the Minister in Parliament should be the only one in circulation. All subsequent versions, electronic and print, must be identical to the tabled version.
  • If a correction is needed to an annual report, this must be made in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. In the Legislative Assembly the agency must comply with Legislative Assembly Standing Order 156 ‘Alteration of papers’. There is no applicable standing order in the Legislative Council so corrections must be tabled by the relevant Minister and follow the same process as tabling the original annual report.
  • The Department of the Premier and Cabinet has a Parliamentary Procedures Guide with basic information about procedures and practices in the two houses.
  • For legislative enquiries, email the Department of Treasury.
  • For tabling enquiries email the Manager, Parliamentary and Executive Government Services or Parliamentary Liaison Officer at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Distribution and publishing


Government goals

  • The State Government’s priorities should be reflected in an annual report. These are on the website.


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