Principle 1: Government and public sector relationship

The organisation's relationship with the government is clear.

Principle 1 is unique to the public sector and fundamental to any democratic political system. Ensuring clear and transparent relationships between the elected government and the bureaucracy is critical to prevent any undue influence in the administration of the public function and to ensure the swift and efficient implementation of government policies and strategies.

Operational element Requirements to achieve organisational performance and accountability Additional resources
1.1  A document defines responsibilities and accountabilities between the chief executive officer and the minister

Agency specific legislation


Financial Management Act 2006 (sections 78 and 79)


Public Sector Management Act 1994


Statutory Corporations (Liability of Directors) Act 1996

(Part 2, Div 3; Part 3 Div 4)

1.2  Processes exist to manage communication and other interaction between ministers and other parliamentary representatives and the organisation

Public Sector Management Act 1994  (section 74 and section 105


Financial Management Act 2006 (sections 81 and 82)


Public Sector Commissioner's Circular 2009/10: Communication Agreements Between Ministers and Agencies


Administration Instruction 102: Official Communications


Administrative Instruction 728: Media and Public Communications

1.3  Communication and other interaction are recorded and monitored Public Sector Management Act 1994  (section 74)  

Public Sector Management Act 1994 (section 31)


State Records Act 2000


Public Sector Commissioner's Circular: 2018-01 Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting Framework


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