Principle 4: Operations

The organisation plans its operations to achieve its goals.

Operational planning is a key instrument to ensure accountability of an organisation and the effective and efficient management and use of resources. It touches upon numerous aspects of governance and is a key operational tool to increase compliance.

Operational element Requirements to achieve organisational performance and accountability Additional resources
4.1  Policies enable operations to deliver against the organisation’s key strategic goals and outcomes

Agency specific legislation


State Supply Commission Act 1991


State Supply Commission policies

4.2  The organisation’s operational plans and programs of work support the organisation’s key strategic goals and outcomes and are regularly adjusted to changes in strategic and environmental imperatives  

Outcome Based Management Guidelines 2004 (Department of Treasury)


Project Management Standards ISO/IEC 17024

4.3  Infrastructure is in place to enable the organisation to implement its operational plans   Department of Finance: E-Government and Information Management

Financial Management Act


Public Sector Management Act 1994


Model Annual Reports

Annual reporting guidelines


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