Principle 6: People

The organisation's leadership in people management contributes to individual and organisational achievements.

In order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, it is important for an organisation to have effective systems for managing its workforce and individual employees.  This encompasses fair, transparent and equal treatment of employees, as well as comprehensive strategies to motivate and lead people and promote personal development.

Operational element Requirements to achieve organisational performance and accountability Additional resources
6.1  Policies enable the attraction, retention and management of people

Equal Opportunity Act 1984


Commissioner's Instruction No.1: Employment Standard

Commissioner's Instruction No 2: Filling a public sector vacancy



Agency’s human resource management policies

CEO performance agreement



Equal Opportunity Commission: Resources for substantive equality



Public Sector Commissioner's Circular: 2013-04 EEO Management Plans and Workforce Planning in the Public Sector



Public Sector Commissioner's Circular: 2009-07 Govt Advertising and Communications Policy

6.2  Plans ensure that processes, decisions and actions are based on the principles of fairness, equity and diversity, and are consistent, transparent, impartial and open for review

Public Sector Management Act 1994


Equal Opportunity Act 1984


Framework for executive classifications

Public Sector Commission workforce planning toolkit
6.3  People management frameworks cover the whole employment continuum

Industrial Relations Act 1979 (Part II, Divisions 2A and 2B)


Occupation Safety and Health Act 1984


Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981


Public Sector Commissioner's Circular: 2012 – 05 Code of Practice - Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector

Public Sector Commission workforce planning toolkit


Safety, health and injury management for the Western Australian


The policy framework for substantive equality


Department of Commerce: Government Administration

6.4  Structured procedures are in place to monitor adherence to human resource policies and processes

Public Sector Management Act 1994 (section 9 and 21)


Public Sector Management (Breaches of Public Sector Standards) Regulations 2005

6.5  Feedback processes identify issues in people management practices

Public Sector Commission: Employee perceptions survey


Public sector standards in human resource management – Performance management standard

Australian Public Service Commission: Sharpening the focus: Managing performance in the APS

Financial Management Act 2006


Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003


Public Sector Commissioner's Circular: 2012 – 05 Code of Practice - Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector


Commissioner's Instruction No. 6 – Workforce data reporting obligations


Annual reporting framework



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