Public Sector Renewal

The State Government’s Public Sector Renewal is driving significant reform and cultural change across the public sector.

Through a number of measures, the wide-ranging renewal aims to create a high-performing and collaborative sector that delivers better services to the Western Australian community.

Together the measures will bring about substantial long-term change by improving the sector’s efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and affordability.

They include: Machinery of Government changes; CEO Working Groups; the Service Priority Review; and an Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects. A number of these initiatives are occurring at the same time.

Central to the renewal is gaining the insight of those who design, deliver and receive government programs and services, as well as those who are affected by them.

Feedback to inform the various measures is being sought via consultation with a range of stakeholders, including public sector employees, unions and the business and community services sectors.

Recommendations for improvement that arise from these measures will be provided to the State Government for consideration.

Machinery of Government changes stage 2

Service Priority Review

The Service Priority Review is examining and reporting on the functions, operations and culture of the Western Australian public sector. It is being led by an independent three-member panel chaired by former New Zealand State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie CNZM.

Read more about the Service Priority Review (Department of the Premier and Cabinet).

2017 Machinery of Government changes

The Machinery of Government (MOG) changes in the public sector are aimed at creating collaborative departments focused on whole-of-government objectives and delivering services in a more efficient and effective way.

Read more about the 2017 Machinery of government changes.

Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects

The Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects is examining and reporting on 26 State Government programs and projects, focusing on the associated governance arrangements, decision-making processes and financial consequences. It is being led by former Under Treasurer John Langoulant AO.

Read more about the Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects.

CEO Working Groups

Three CEO Working Groups are identifying opportunities to more efficiently deliver services in regional and metropolitan sub-regional areas; ensure greater flexibility and renewal in the management of the public sector workforce; and reduce internal red tape across the public sector. The working groups comprise directors general of State Government departments.

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Sustainable He​alth Review

The Sustainable Health Review will help guide the direction of the Western Australian health system to deliver patient centred, integrated, high quality and financially sustainable healthcare. It is being led by an independent reviewer.

Read more about the Sustainable Health Review (Department of Health)

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