Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects

On 15 May 2017, the Premier Mark McGowan and Treasurer Ben Wyatt announced a Commission of Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects, to be led by former Under Treasurer John Langoulant AO.

The Inquiry will examine and report on 26 State Government programs and projects, focusing on the associated governance arrangements, decision-making processes and financial consequences.

For further information, including the list of programs and projects to be considered by the Inquiry, download the Terms of Reference.

The Inquiry will be conducted under section 24 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and will use other statutes to access information as required.

All State Government departments will be required to fully co-operate with the Inquiry and provide access to all information, documentation or other records requested by the Inquirer. Government Trading Enterprises will also be expected to co-operate.

A further extension has been granted to the reporting date of the Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects.

A final report will now be provided to the Public Sector Commissioner by 21 December 2017.

In addition, following endorsement by the Premier, an addendum to the Terms of Reference was issued on 6 November 2017 to more accurately reflect the programs and projects considered by the Inquiry.



Interested people and organisations were invited to make a written submission to the Inquiry by 21 June 2017. 
Submissions have now closed and the Special Inquirer is considering the submissions received.

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For further information contact the Inquiry secretariat by email at or telephone on (08) 9482 1700.

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