Terms of Reference

Examine all aspects of the delivery of public health services at the Peel Health Campus by the Health Solutions WA Pty Ltd on behalf of the Department of Health, with specific reference to:

  1. whether the contract between the State of Western Australia and Health Solutions WA Pty Ltd has been appropriately constructed, applied and administered over time, with particular reference to alleged illicit incentive payments to doctors;
  2. the adequacy of probity controls and financial systems in place and their effectiveness to achieve the objectives of the contract;
  3. whether, and to what extent, the effectiveness of arrangements in place between the Department of Health and Health Solutions WA Pty Ltd, and the oversight of those arrangements, has compromised the clinical outcomes of patients to whom services are provided pursuant to the contract;
  4. whether the State is getting value for money from the contractual arrangements in place to provide patient services at the Peel Health Campus; and
  5. any improvements that could be made to the contractual or statutory governance arrangements in order to enhance patient services to patients, and the cost effectiveness for the State of those services, provided pursuant to the contract at the Peel Health Campus.

The Inquirer will consult with, and seek advice as appropriate, from a range of sources, including but not limited to the Auditor General and the Department of Finance (Office of Government Procurement).

Page last updated 11 February 2016