Public sector reform and policy program

The general functions of the Public Sector Commissioner are to:

  • promote the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Sector
  • advise Ministers, chief executive officers and chief employees about changes and  improvements to management practices might be implemented in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole or any part of the Public Sector
  • plan for the future management and operation of the Public Sector

The Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act) gives the Commissioner a range of powers to undertake these functions.  Functions include those associated with:

  • Issuing standards, codes and instructions
  • Provision of assistance or advice either directly, by way of guides and information resources or through consultancy or professional development and training programs
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Undertaking reviews, investigations or inquiries
  • Processes for employing CEOs and managing the Senior Executive Service

Policy work undertaken in the Policy and Reform Directorate of the Public Sector Commission supports the identification of key opportunities for improving efficiency and effectiveness, informs the overall balancing of oversight, assist and reporting functions to achieve improvement objectives and underpins efforts to refine different regulatory instruments applied in the management of the public sector.

The policy program is currently focussed on:

  • Environmental scanning to identify and analyse current and future public sector management challenges and opportunities arising out of broader economic, political, social, demographic and other societal changes in a local, national and international context.
  • Investigating the practical imperatives associated with identified issues or key themes in order to guide improvement initiatives or the revision of instructions, codes and Standards.
  • Providing high level advice to Government and other stakeholders or supporting the positioning of the Public Sector Commission with respect to key networks and inter-jurisdictional committees or reference groups.
  • Responding to requests for advice on machinery of government options and accountability or governance models.

The reform program is currently focussed on

  • Guiding the continued implementation of reforms to the Public Sector Management Act 1994 as they relate to regulations and other instruments such as Approved Procedures, Admin Instructions, Commissioner’s Circulars and the Standards.
  • Providing high level project coordination support for major PSC projects that have significant policy component such as broadening of State of the Sector Reporting, review of compliance instruments.
  • Analysing the currency and providing advice on any necessary revision of guides and resources developed by the Public Sector Management Division previously located in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and by the previous Office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner.
  • Scenario analysis associated with possible changes to a wide range of legislation that involves public sector management, employment or which would effect public sector oversight and governance arrangements.

Page last updated 28 September 2012