Background and principles


Under Section 53(3) of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act), employing authorities may classify senior executive officer positions within their agencies in accordance with Approved Procedure 2 - Senior Executive Service.

The objectives of Approved Procedure 2 are:

  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of the PSC and agencies;
  • provide consistency in documentation and assessment, and a streamlined process that will increase efficiency and reduce the time taken to process approvals;
  • improve the decision making process which is based on quality standards that ensures integrity and impartiality in the classification process; and
  • maintain the relationship between the Government's collective interests and the needs and expectations of agencies.

The Key Principles of Approved Procedure 2

Employing authorities shall classify senior executive officer positions in accordance with the approved classification system.

Agencies are not able to classify senior executive officer positions which are in the Special Division of the Public Service. Requests to classify or vary such positions are to be forwarded to the Public Sector Commission (PSC), who will refer them to the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal for consideration.

Relevant employing authorities who wish to use a classification system other than the approved system shall seek approval from the PSC.

Employing authorities shall forward all proposals for the payment of temporary special allowances above Level 8; and the creation, variation and/or reclassification of positions above Level 8, to the PSC for assessment and endorsement.

Positions the subject of a specified calling and Medical Officers classified by the Department of Health and Legal Officers classified by the Department of the Attorney General or the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, are exempted from this requirement.

Key Components and Principles

The key components of the Framework for classifying positions above Level 8 are:

  • Quality standards and processes - processes for classifying positions are clear, unambiguous and stream-lined and incorporate standards that express the needs of Government, agencies and individuals.
  • Agency submission - agencies prepare a proposal for classification review by following the checklist provided and providing all necessary documentation.
  • PSC validation and referral to consultant - the PSC ensures that all relevant information is provided by agencies and facilitates a systematic and independent assessment of an  agency's proposal, which includes an analysis of the relevant position using an approved classification tool.
  • PSC Decision – the PSC will consider the proposal and recommendation of the consultant before making a decision and advising the agency accordingly.
  • Continuous improvement - the PSC and agencies seek and provide feedback on the Framework to ensure continuous improvement in the processes and maintenance of the integrity of the system.

The underlying principle of the Framework is to ensure equity and consistency within and across agencies by following the agreed processes and standards. The basic principle is that work of equal value should receive equal pay.

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