Temporary Personnel

Processes for Filling New Positions Following Agency Reviews of Temporary Personnel Use

These processes are a summary of existing legislative and policy requirements with the aim of informing employing authorities that have created new permanent positions after reviewing their use of temporary personnel.

Employing authorities should also continue to optimise public sector employment opportunities for people from diverse groups (see Commissioner’s Circular 2018-02: Measures Intended to Achieve Equality).

The following steps should be followed to fill new positions:

  1. Determine whether there are any internal surplus employees (registered or registrable employees under the Redeployment and Redundancy Regulations 2014) who can undertake the role.

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  1. If there are no suitable internal surplus employees, post details of the vacancy (including job description and contact details) on Recruitment Advertising Management System so a redeployment clearance can be obtained.

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  1. Give priority consideration to external registered employees referred by case managers of other employing authorities as potentially suitable candidates and complete a formal assessment of suitability. Employing authorities must consider the referred employee’s ability to fulfil the requirements of the job within a reasonable period of time and with reasonable training.

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  1. If no registered employees are suitable, consider registrable employees from other employing authorities in accordance with any relevant requirements, including redeployment and redundancy provisions in applicable industrial instruments.
  1. Check internally for any current fixed term contract and casual staff who may be eligible for conversion or appointment to a permanent position under Commissioner’s Instruction No. 23: Conversion and Appointment of Fixed Term Contract and Casual Employees to Permanency.
  1. If the above steps have not identified a suitable candidate, consider whether suitable candidates already exist from recent recruitment processes relating to the same or similar positions at the same level. This includes recruitment processes conducted in the previous six months, appointment pools and suitability lists.
  1. Consider encouraging the development of existing employees through transfer or secondment opportunities along with succession planning, training and education.
  1. Where the new position is at Level 1, consider accessing the Public Sector Commission’s Traineeship Transition to Employment Recruitment and Referral Service to fill the vacancy with a job-ready trainee who has completed public administrative trainee graduate. This promotes the recruitment of young people and supports diversity outcomes.
  1. Proceed to advertise the position in accordance with Commissioner’s Instruction No. 2: Filling a Public Sector Vacancy. This includes targeted and quarantined advertising in appropriate circumstances. 


The Department of Finance collects information each quarter from employing authorities on their use of temporary personnel. For further information, telephone Susanne Harris, Director, Department of Finance, on 6551 1189.



For more information, contact Workforce Practice team via agencysupport@wa.gov.au.


Page last updated 14 January 2020