Structural change management

Managing successful structural change in the public sector is a challenging and at times, perplexing pursuit. Even though change has been successful in the past, using the same process may not necessarily result in successful change in the future. Each change, and each public sector agency is unique; therefore the process for change should be unique. The scope and extent of the change, the culture, the context and the characteristics of the agencies involved influence each and every change.

The publication Structural change management has been developed to assist agencies to successfully manage change. In addition, a selection of templates have been developed for agencies to modify and use when faced with leading structural change:

Structural change often affects people and their positions and can cause a degree of disruption to employees. People need to be informed of what’s happening—their options, what the change process involves and what support services are available. For more information, see the redeployment and redundancy and voluntary severance pages.


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Page last updated 10 May 2017