Redeployment and redundancy

New redeployment and redundancy arrangements for the Western Australian State Public Sector came into effect on 1 May 2015. 

The new arrangements provide more flexible redeployment and redundancy approaches to assist public sector employers manage employees who are surplus to an agency’s requirements or whose office, post or position has been abolished (registrable employee). 

Registrable employees who are unable to be internally transferred to alternative positions within their agency, may be offered voluntary severance or registered by their agency for redeployment. 

Redeployment provides opportunities for registered employees to secure and move to alternative public sector employment opportunities within a defined redeployment registration period (maximum 6 months). Where this is not achieved, the employee’s employment terminates. 

Legislation and policy framework

Arrangements for redeployment and redundancy in the Western Australian public sector are set out in the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 2014 [Regulations] made under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 [PSMA]. The legislation is supported by the following Commissioner’s instructions which set out further requirements of a procedural nature:

The Redeployment and redundancy guidelines provide a reference resource to assist the practical application of the redeployment and redundancy framework. 

Redeployment– Key features

Public sector agencies retain responsibility for the management of their registrable and registered employees and for meeting legislative and other requirements relevant to redeployment and redundancy applications, including consultation and notification requirements and the provision of case management services.

Registered employees share responsibility for achieving redeployment outcomes and need to participate actively and cooperatively with the redeployment process.

Involuntary termination of employment applies as a measure of last resort.

Priority remains for surplus employees to be found alternative placements within their agency.  

Prior to being registered for redeployment, an employing authority may offer a registrable employee voluntary severance but there is no compulsion to do so.

Registrable employees who cannot be transferred internally, may be registered by their employing authority for redeployment. Registration may apply to both permanent employees and employees employed on a fixed term contract

Registration should not be used as a means of primarily addressing disciplinary, substandard performance or ill-health issues, for which appropriate mechanisms exist elsewhere.

Registered employees have priority access to public sector vacancies. 

Public Sector agencies are required to refer vacancies and give priority consideration to  registered employees referred as possible suitable candidates.

Employing authorities may suspend the redeployment period or revoke registration.

Registered employees may seek to cease their employment at any time throughout their redeployment registration period and if supported receive a redundancy payment. Where a registered employee has not been successfully redeployed by the end of their redeployment registration period their employment terminates and they receive a redundancy payment. 

Following redundancy, re-employment restriction conditions apply.  

Recruitment Advertising Management System (RAMS)

An online Recruitment Advertising Management System (RAMS) database provides for the electronic registration and management of redeployees. This system also provides agency case managers with access to public sector vacancies. Before filling a position agencies are required to obtain a redeployment clearance by listing the vacancy on RAMS.

RAMS is also utilised to refer registered employees for consideration by the advertising agency, and to record and produce information on redeployment and redundancy activity and payments for reporting purposes.

Support and enquiries

Staff within the Public Sector Commission’s Workforce Performance Directorate are available to assist agencies in providing advice and support on matters relating to  redeployment and redundancy legislation, policy and practices.  

For more information, please phone the Workforce Performance Directorate on (08) 6552 8600 or email

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