Voluntary Targeted Separation Scheme 2017

As announced by the Government today, approval of the extension of the closing date for officers to exit the public sector under the Voluntary Targeted Separation Scheme (VTSS) has been extended to 30 June 2018. CEO’s are reminded that despite the extension of the deadline, all efforts are to be made to expedite separations under the VTSS.

Under the VTSS, employing authorities may consider internal ‘substituted severance’ opportunities within their agency in order to provide agencies with greater flexibility to deliver on their VTSS target.

The Voluntary Targeted Separation Scheme (VTSS) is now available for public sector employees.

This targeted separation scheme has been approved under regulation 16 of the Public Sector Management Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 2014 (the Regulations).

  • Chief Executive Officers will have responsibility for implementing and approving their individual agency separations.
  • Priority will be given to employees affected by Machinery of Government changes.
  • Employees will be paid an additional $500.00 to assist with employment transition expenses.
  • Employees shall resign no later than 4 weeks after the day on which the offer is accepted. 
  • Employees will be entitled to an incentive payment for early resignation if they accept a VTSS and resign:
    • less than 1 week after acceptance — 12 weeks’ pay;
    • more than 1 week and less than 2 weeks after acceptance — 8 weeks’ pay;
    • more than 2 weeks and less than 3 weeks after acceptance — 4 weeks’ pay.
  • An employee who accepts an offer and exits under the VTSS, will be subject to a restriction on employment. 
  • The VTSS applies up to and including 30 June 2018. Employees invited to do so, will upon acceptance of a formal offer be required to exit the public sector no later than close of business on 30 June 2018. 

The Targeted Separation Scheme 2017 outlines the offer, including eligibility, conditions, processes and reporting requirements. 

Agencies will retain 20 per cent of the gross savings achieved through the VTSS to reinvest in workforce renewal. Should this reinvestment relate to digital transformation, consultation between the agency and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is required.

Further information regarding the VTSS including particulars around the offer, eligibility, conditions, processes and reporting requirements are contained in Voluntary Targeted Separation Scheme 2017.  In addition, an offer of voluntary severance (sample letter) and confirmation of voluntary severance (sample letter) is available. 

Individual employees are encouraged to obtain advice from the Australian Taxation Office on any taxation enquiries concerning their personal circumstances. Similarly, for matters relating to superannuation, individuals should contact GESB or their individual superannuation provider.

The Public Sector Commission has developed a redundancy payout calculator for the VTSS. The calculator provides an estimate when applying for the VTSS and should only be used as a guide. Employees should note that certain allowances and part time working arrangements (past and current), will be taken into consideration when determining severance pay.

Reporting requirements 

Agencies must advise the Public Sector Commissioner by recording the details on the online Recruitment Advertising Management System (RAMS).  This includes details of:

  • all VTSS offers made
  • the acceptance of an offer made
  • the date of cessation
  • the salary of the employee
  • total payment made comprising of:
    • severance amount
    • incentive for early resignation
    • leave
    • $500.00 employment transition payment.

For reporting purposes, agencies are required to update RAMS at each stage of the process. This is to be done as soon as practicable.

General information regarding the scheme

Employees are requested to contact their Human Resources Division on any matters relating to the scheme in the first instance. 

For any information regarding funding arrangements for the VTSS, further advice will be provided by Treasury in due course. 

General requirements on the proposed digital transformation investments are to be directed to the OGCIO.

Public Sector Commission support

The Voluntary Severance Team include:

  • Bartek Urbanowicz (08) 6552 8626
  • Simon Boylen  08) 6552 8538
  • Francine Goss (08) 6552 8741

Alternatively, email VTSS2017@psc.wa.gov.au

For all RAMS related queries:  RAMS@psc.wa.gov.au

Page last updated 28 February 2018