Approved Procedure 1: Approved Classification System and Procedures

The objective of Approved Procedure 1 is to provide for a classification determination system and procedures that are in accordance with the principles set out in sections 7 and 8 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

This Approved Procedure relates to the functions of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) or other employing authorities as provided for in sections 29(1)(h)(ii), 36(1)(c), 41(a)(i), 44(3)(b), 53(3)(a) and 64(2)(a) of the Act. It applies to those agencies forming part of the Public Service as defined in Part 3 section 34(a)-(c) of the PSM Act, as follows:

  • departments
  • SES organisations, insofar as any posts in them, or persons employed in them, or both, belong to the Senior Executive Service
  • agencies that employ persons under Part 3 of the PSM Act.

Page last updated 27 September 2012