Redeployment Standard

Commissioner’s Instruction No.11 - Redeployment Standard establishes the minimum standards of merit, equity and probity to be complied with by the employing authority of each public sector body in matters involving redeployment of employees.

The Standard

The minimum Standard of merit, equity and probity is met for redeployment, if:

  • decisions are based on a proper assessment of the work-related requirements of the public sector bodies involved and identified employee interests;
  • employees are informed about their future options and how the process is to be managed; and
  • decisions are impartial, transparent and capable of review.

Scope and application

This applies to employing authorities and employees under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSMA) to the extent that matters of redeployment are not dealt with by the operation of Part 6 (Redeployment and redundancy of employees) of the PSMA and the associated Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 2014.

Effectively it applies only to the movement of an employee, together with the movement of his or her office, post or position within departments and organisations. It deals therefore with scenarios of narrow application, where an existing employee is subject to further deployment (or redeployment) and the office, post or position of that employee has not been abolished nor is that employee surplus to requirements. It is to be noted that ‘redeployment’ in this context is distinct from the action of employee ‘transfer’, where an employee is moved from one function to another discrete function either within or between departments and organisations.

This repeals under section 21(2) of the PSMA (and replaces):

  • Public Sector Standard in Human Resource Management 2001 – Redeployment Standard

Page last updated 6 May 2015