iThink (WA Public Sector)

iThink is a brand new online ideas community for public sector staff where each of us can generate ideas, share ideas, add to the ideas of others, vote on our favourites and watch them grow – ideas to improve the sector for us and for the people we serve across Western Australia.

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iThink (WA Public Sector)

Some Q&As


How do I get onto iThink?

Once the site is live on 12 August, you just need to register using your work email address by going to

Why do I need to use my work email?

Access to iThink is limited to email addresses with a WA public sector domain. This allows staff to collaborate, share their knowledge and experiences, and put up ideas to improve business practices and solve public policy challenges.

Do I need to seek permission to post ideas?

No you don’t. Your CEO supports you to use iThink. The ideas you post are your own and do not represent the views of your agency. As you are an employee of the Western Australian public sector, you must uphold its code of ethics and be accountable for your conduct. 

What can I do on iThink?

You can post ideas and attach images and other information to enhance your ideas. You can also see the ideas of others and vote on them or share them with colleagues. In addition, you can follow people who post ideas that you are interested in or want to know more about. And you can easily add blogs to bring new perspectives into the challenge – like an interesting piece of research from overseas.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is a call for ideas about a particular topic. Each topic will be related to a public policy issue. The first challenge about how we can make our sector more diverse and how everyone’s voices can be valued closed on Friday 27 September. The second challenge launched on Tuesday 1 October and is calling for ideas about how we can build a future-fit public sector workforce.

What will the ideas be used for?

Ideas can be used to make your workplace, your agency and our sector even better – and that means better services for the people we serve in this State. 


Page last updated 2 October 2019