Western Australian Community

The Public Sector and the Public Sector Commission

The Western Australian public sector is a diverse group of approximately 130 employing agencies working to deliver services to the community.

There are approximately 150 000 public sector employees working as teachers, police, fire fighters and nurses, as well as professionals from disciplines as varied as planning, conservation, economics, engineering, accounting, human resources and public works.

The aim of the Public Sector Commission is to have a public sector that works efficiently to provide services that meet the needs of Western Australians.  A public sector that works with integrity is also important to make sure it is trusted and accountable for its actions.

To achieve this, the Commission plays a significant role in supporting agencies, providing guidance and ensuring they comply with legislative obligations.  It also runs a number of development programs to enhance the skills of public sector employees.

The Public Sector Commissioner reports annually to Parliament on various matters, including the state of the public sector administration and management; on how the public sector complies with the principles outlined in the Public Sector Management Act 1994; as well as reporting on how it fulfills its obligations under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003.  This information is released in the annual State of the Sector report.

Working in the Public Sector

The public sector’s workforce is ageing – approximately 22% are aged 55 years and above; and 37% are aged 50 years and above and may retire within the next 10 years, primarily from senior leadership positions. Further, the ageing and growing Western Australian population will require the sector to match the changing physical and social infrastructure needs of the community.

The Commission actively targets job seekers from various backgrounds, particularly students looking for public sector traineeships, university graduates looking to get into their first job, people from diverse backgrounds and those looking for flexible employment opportunities.   More information about these various programs can be found at:

The Commission also administers the WA Jobs Board – jobs.wa.gov.au – which public sector agencies must use to advertise vacancies.  Recruitment is merit-based, meaning applicants are assessed to find the best people for the jobs available. With hundreds of jobs open for applications at any given time, there are always new opportunities for those looking for a job. 

Page last updated 21 September 2012