Leadership sessions

Enduring reform requires strong leadership to deliver the best services for the State. We are committed to building the expertise of public sector leaders at all levels by delivering and facilitating high impact leadership development programs to CEOs, the Senior Executive Service (SES) and emerging leaders across the public sector.

The Commission facilitates and delivers a range of development programs aimed at delivering capable leaders, now and into the future. A description of these programs is provided in Appendix A. In addition, we hosted a range of information sessions and forums for CEOs and senior executives, to support them in reaching their leadership potential. These sessions informed leaders of notable changes and initiatives occurring across the sector. This included sessions to inform leaders of the caretaker conventions, the Machinery of Government changes and the Service Priority Review (SPR).

In 2016/17, the Commission delivered and facilitated 80 sessions to support high-level leadership to a total of 2673 participants across metropolitan and regional WA. 

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