Specialist capability

In addition to the success profiles, in 2016/17, we facilitated a number of initiatives to develop the technical capability of other key specialists in agencies. By doing so, we continue to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and integrity of the sector. 

Chief Investigators

This year, we focused on building the capability of chief investigators to develop and implement robust systems within their organisations to identify and mitigate misconduct and corruption. As part of this initiative, the Commission arranged scholarships for five senior integrity practitioners from five public authorities to participate in the Australian and New Zealand School of Government’s executive workshop ‘Strategic Responses to Corruption’. We also facilitated training by the State Solicitor's Office for 34 SES members on the principles of administrative law.

Additionally, we have continued to up-skill public sector officers oversighting and conducting investigations with 75 officers undertaking the Certificate IV in Government (Investigations), and 36 officers undertaking a Diploma of Government Investigations in 2016/17.

Chief Policy Officers

Following a successful pilot in 2016, we launched the Policy essentials program for 2017 with 29 practitioners from 22 agencies participating. The program is designed around contemporary, real-life examples and delivered by experienced policy practitioners working in the sector. 

The delivery of the program supports the ongoing application and incorporation of the Policy capability framework across the public sector. 

Chief Information Officers

During the previous reporting period, in collaboration with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), we developed the Information and communications technology capability framework. The framework provides a guide for building the capability of the information and communications technology workforce, in line with the changing digital environment and industry standards.

In June, the framework was endorsed by the OGCIO and is now available on their website. Agencies can use the framework in all workforce development activities, including job description form creation, performance management and as the basis for professional development and training.


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