Stakeholder engagement

Building trust in government, reinforcing integrity and advocating for the public interest in decision-making form important elements of our engagement narrative. 

At the local level

Since assuming responsibility for the oversight of minor misconduct, misconduct prevention and education in 2015, we have established connections with the community and continue to communicate with them about how the public sector manages misconduct.

In 2016/17, we have undertaken a range of engagement activities with peak community organisations including Reconciliation WA, Linkwest and the Youth Affairs Council of WA. In collaboration with other integrity agencies, we also presented at a range of forums including senior citizens centres and community multicultural centres. To support our community engagement program, we produced and translated community-based literature on minor misconduct and public interest disclosure into 10 languages other than English including Malay, Chinese and Arabic. 

At the national level

The Commission continues to collaborate with its interjurisdictional counterparts and maintains a strong relationship with our colleagues in New Zealand and Singapore. Twice a year the Commissioner participates in the Public Service Commissioners’ conference. The conference provides an opportunity for the Commissioners to share their initiatives, consider matters that impact all jurisdictions, and work together to find solutions.

Our ongoing participation on the interjurisdictional Workforce Data and Analytics Committee is vital in addressing common data issues and challenges. The Committee’s recent efforts to explore an interjurisdictional workforce comparison dashboard will allow comparable information to be shared and benchmarked across the nation. We will continue to work with other Public Service Commissions to identify best practices in survey design and data collection methods.

At the international level

During the year, we continued to deliver the International leadership program in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Since 2015, 132 participants have visited a number of state and local public authorities to gain an awareness and understanding of the WA government sectors. 

We also continued to facilitate the CAFÉ program (connection, association, friendship, exchange) in 2016/17, linking Indonesian civil servants currently studying in WA with public sector employees through a peer-to-peer scheme. Looking ahead, we will consider a similar initiative with students from Papua New Guinea and Japan. We also continued to host a number of international delegations including those from Sri Lanka, China, Botswana and Indonesia. These delegations serve to strengthen our international relationships. 

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With local government 

Our increasing engagement with local governments supports the delivery of our integrity promotion messages. Over the year, we have seen our interactions with local governments increase as we refined our approach to integrity promotion and offered integrated initiatives targeted at all sectors.

In addition to these initiatives, we had distinct interactions with 28 local governments. This included meetings, information sessions and peer reviews conducted as part of our integrity promotion program. The Commissioner also met with peak local government sector bodies during the year to discuss his role in relation to minor misconduct and public interest disclosures. 

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With public universities

As one of our key stakeholders, we continue to engage with public universities and assist them in understanding their obligations under the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 (CCM Act) and Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (PID Act). During the year, we delivered three integrity promotion sessions to 79 attendees, including the delivery of misconduct training to a number of university employees. In March, as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations, we invited Professor Deborah Terry AO, Vice-Chancellor of Curtin University to deliver a keynote address to 20 senior leaders from across the sector.

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Across regional WA

To help build skills and experience in regional agencies we continued to deliver capability and development programs and employment initiatives across regional WA. Over the year, we worked with regional employees to enhance their understanding of ethics and integrity through our integrity promotion program, and build their leadership potential through our leadership development and traineeship programs.

In 2016/17, the Commissioner visited the Mid West, and Great Southern regions. A highlight of our regional program was the Joint Commissioner’s Forum in Geraldton where the Commissioner met with a number of regional shires and community groups.

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