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Our focus | Driving C-suite leadership

To drive high-level leadership across a number of key occupational groups, the Commission developed and launched three success profiles in 2016/17. Following extensive consultation, our success profiles were developed to assist relevant stakeholders to understand, define and describe what it currently takes to be successful at both an agency and whole-of-sector level.

Chief Executive Officer success profile

A success profile for Chief Executive Officers and accompanying guidelines for measurement were developed during the reporting period. The profile describes and supports high-level leadership and business-focused success factors by outlining role expectations, accountabilities and experiences deemed critical to overall individual, agency and whole-of-sector performance. 

The success profile also informed the design and development of Director General position descriptions for each of the new departments resulting from the Machinery of Government changes. The profile provides a foundation for the ongoing design and implementation of integrated leadership strategies and initiatives.

Chief Human Resource Officer success profile

The role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)is critical to agency performance as a valuable source of expertise and strategic guidance. During the reporting period, the Commissioner, in collaboration with the other Australian and New Zealand Public Service Commissioners launched a joint success profile and associated guidelines which outline the expectations, accountabilities and experiences deemed necessary for CHROs.

Regional workshops continue to support our network of CHROs by providing opportunities to share knowledge, skills and experiences, formulate and maintain collaborative working relationships, and network with peers.

Chief Finance Officer success profile

In consultation with the Department of Treasury, the Office of the Auditor General and the Department of Finance, we developed a Finance Capability Framework comprising a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) success profile, accompanying measurement guidelines and a Finance capability profile. The success profile identifies expectations and accountabilities a CFO requires as a key strategic business partner. The capability profile describes key competencies for a variety of finance roles required of a high performing public sector finance function.

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