Service 2: Assistance and support

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The Commission recognises public authorities operate in a challenging environment and often face complex issues. Our assistance and support services help public authorities through these challenges, encouraging them to make decisions consistent with our desired outcome—an efficient and effective public sector that operates with integrity.

Our assistance and support services operate across a number of public authorities including public sector agencies, local governments, public universities, Government Trading Enterprises (GTEs) and government boards and committees. Our assistance and support activities are equally as broad. 

This year, we worked with Government to implement its significant reform agenda. This included providing advice and support to agencies and interim CEOs as they transitioned to their new arrangements following the significant Machinery of Government changes. We have also been assisting the Government in its effort to reduce the size and cost of the SES. 

These changes aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector, while maintaining operational responsiveness and flexibility.

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Page last updated 14 September 2017