CEO essentials

The Commission provides advice and assistance to public sector agencies regarding a range of Chief Executive Officer activities including recruitment, transfer, acting arrangements, appointments, remuneration, performance agreements, discipline and separation.

CEO appointments and reappointments

The Commissioner is responsible for the appointment and reappointment of public sector CEOs under sections 45 and 46 of the PSM Act. 

In 2016/17, we facilitated 14 appointments and six reappointments to CEO positions. During the period, we also assisted in the appointment and reappointment of two statutory office holders. Appendix C outlines these in further detail.

CEO performance agreements

The performance agreements of CEOs drive outcomes and support accountability by documenting and promoting a shared understanding between the responsible authority, a CEO and the Commissioner. The agreements detail high-level outcomes and timeframes being sought by a responsible authority in relation to government priorities, agency specific objectives and sector-wide initiatives.

In consideration of significant changes to ministerial portfolios in 2016/17, CEOs were required to submit a letter of achievement to the Commissioner in lieu of the regular assessment process. A simplified CEO performance agreement process will be implemented in 2017/18 in recognition of the current Machinery of Government changes and the anticipated outcomes arising from the Service Priority Review. 

CEO induction

A new induction program was introduced by the Commissioner in 2016 to coordinate a whole-of-sector induction for new CEOs. In 2016/17, five CEOs participated in the program. 

Facilitated by the Commission, the induction program supports new CEOs by providing access to a panel of experienced CEOs and arranging one-on-one meetings with the Commissioner, the Under Treasurer, the Auditor General, the Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Director General of the Department of Finance. 

The CEO essentials guide, offers an overview of their obligations and responsibilities including key elements of the legislative framework, accountability requirements and employment environment in which they operate. 


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