Leadership essentials

The Commission continues to support high-level leadership by assisting senior executives and government boards and committees to understand their legislative and accountability requirements. We also provide advice and support to ministers on request.

The Senior Executive Service

The Commission is currently assisting the Government with its commitment to reduce the SES by 20 per cent. To meet this commitment, Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2017-02 - Workforce Management – Senior Executive Service and leave liability was issued in May 2017. The policy provides advice in relation to the preliminary steps to be taken by agencies around their current SES cohort.

As part of this, applicable agencies were required to commence an immediate review of their SES positions and provide us with a plan of how the size and cost of their SES cohort could be reduced. Officers from the Commission conducted an audit of each agency’s SES to assist during this process. To provide agencies with further information regarding methods to manage SES reduction requirements, Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2017-03 - Workforce Management – Senior Executive Service Reduction was issued in June.

In 2016/17, a total of 22 payments offered under Section 59 of the PSM Act were approved, totalling $4 386 831. The Commission will continue to provide regular reports to the Department of Treasury and the Service Priority Review relating to SES size and cost reductions.

Government boards and committees

The Commission has responsibility for recommending remuneration rates to ministers and Cabinet for a number of government boards and committees. This year, the Commission made 37 remuneration recommendations. Remuneration received by board and committee members is published in the annual reports of public authorities.

The Commission continues to strengthen its support for building the capability of government boards through the development of its board governance resources which now includes Board essentials, Principles of good governance for boards and committees and 27 separate Good governance guides on specific topics. 

As part of our integrity promotion program, the Commissioner and staff regularly interact with government boards and committees to assist them in implementing effective systems and procedures to ensure good governance. In 2016/17, the Commissioner addressed 18 public sector boards and committees on good governance procedures, taking the total to 130 since 2012. 

Ministers and Parliament

As one of our key stakeholders, it is important we maintain a strong relationship with the Government of the day and Parliament. During the reporting period, we continued to provide advice and support to members of Parliament.

During the reporting period, the Commissioner presented to new members of the Legislative Assembly and provided them with a clear understanding of the work undertaken by the Commission. Additionally, as part of our integrity promotion program, the Commissioner informed Chiefs of Staff and ministerial offices about misconduct prevention and ethical decision making through 17 information sessions.


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