Our focus | Supporting integrity across the sector

As part of our integrated approach, we conduct evaluations under the Commissioner’s prevention and education functions to help mitigate integrity risks and ensure public authorities understand how to comply with their legislative requirements. Our findings help to advise and inform authorities on increasing their capability to prevent misconduct.

In 2016/17, we completed the following evaluations:

  • Arrangements to manage misconduct and notify minor misconduct
  • Personal use of publicly-funded facilities by public officers.

The evaluations resulted in 30 suggested improvements for public authorities to increase their capability to manage misconduct and strengthen their misconduct prevention and education activities. 

During the reporting period, the Commission also commenced evaluations on the following topics:

  • Managing secondary employment risks in public authorities
  • Practices to prevent and manage bullying
  • Integrity checking and capability, specifically in the oversight areas of public authorities.

Findings from these evaluations will be reported in the 2017 State of the sectors report.

In total, the above evaluations involved 43 public authorities. By selecting samples comprising a range of different types of authorities with a variety of workforce compositions, we seek to assure integrity risks are monitored and managed across all sectors. In doing so, we continue to strengthen our relationship with each sector and ensure our misconduct prevention assistance and advice remains relevant.

 Both evaluation reports completed in 2016/17 are available on the Reviews page on our website

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Page last updated 14 September 2017