2012 Annual agency survey results

To monitor how agencies ensure equity and diversity initiatives are included in anti-bullying and harassment policies and through specific training, the DEOPE included a selection of questions in the Commission’s Annual agency survey 2012. The results to the questions are presented below.

Equity and diversity training

During 2011/12, 5.3 per cent of employees (8 986) in public sector agencies and authorities participated in specific training on equity and diversity awareness. Training was spread across agencies of all sizes. It represents a good coverage of public sector agencies and authorities. Training participation has decreased from 9 per cent (14 939 employees) in 2010/11. Since 2009/10, 31 173 employees have completed equity and diversity training.

Anti-bullying and harassment training

In 2011/12, 12.6 per cent (21 495) of employees participated in specific anti-bullying and harassment training.

Minimising bullying and harassment

In response to a question regarding how public sector agencies work towards minimising the risk of bullying and harassment in the workplace, results indicate that:

  • Most small (73 per cent), medium (79 per cent) and large (89 per cent) public sector agencies have developed and implemented specific policies. Fifty-five per cent of very small agencies have policies in place.
  • Most small (77 per cent), medium (83 per cent) and large (84 per cent) agencies have clear processes established for dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment. Sixty-five per cent of very small agencies have procedures in place.
  • Very small (20 per cent), small (38 per cent) and medium (31 per cent) agencies have low rates of senior manager training on how to respond to allegations of bullying and harassment. Large agencies (58 per cent) have a higher rate of manager training.

Note: In the above text, ‘large’ agencies have 1 001 employees or more, ‘medium’ agencies have between 201 and 1 000 employees, ‘small’ agencies have between 21 and 200 employees, and ‘very small’ agencies have 20 employees or less.

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