Director's message

As the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment, I am pleased to present the Annual report 2012 and acknowledge the ongoing commitment of public sector agencies and authorities, local government authorities and public universities to Part IX of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (the EO Act).

Promoting diversity is a key workforce initiative for a contemporary public sector. In view of that, it gives me great pleasure to report that a number of public sector agencies and authorities have built upon their equal employment opportunity management plan and integrated the legislative requirements of the EO Act into a single workforce plan. This new planning approach supports equal employment opportunity as a mainstream workforce issue.

To meet current and future workforce challenges, all sectors need to support women to achieve senior leadership roles, build on employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians, capitalise on the mutual benefits of employing people with a disability, value people from culturally diverse backgrounds, appreciate the experience of mature workers, and engage with the next generation entering the public sector.

In my role, I am responding to identified priorities by developing diversity products and the implementation of strategies such as the Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2011-2015, and introducing initiatives focusing on youth and disability employment.

I take this opportunity to thank all public sector agencies and authorities, local government authorities, and public universities for their contribution and commitment to the diversity agenda. I also thank the Public Sector Commissioner, Mr Mal Wauchope, for his ongoing support, and my team for their expertise and commitment to enhancing diversity.

I look forward to continue working with stakeholders to increase the representation of all diversity groups in public employment.

Michael Palermo

Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment

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