Key initiatives for 2012/13

In 2012/13, the DEOPE will continue (as per s.143 of the EO Act) to advise and assist public authorities on how to achieve equal employment opportunity and diversity objectives. The DEOPE will also evaluate and report on the progress of public authorities’ fulfilment of responsibilities under Part IX of the EO Act.

Key initiatives include:

  • continuing to improve the quality of diversity data as part of the annual reporting process under s.146 of the EO Act, and monitoring and reporting diversity outcomes
  • continuing to work with public authorities and key stakeholders to improve the workforce participation of under-represented diversity groups
  • further expanding the promotion of diversity to regional Western Australia
  • monitoring the progress and implementation of the Commission’s Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2011-2015 for the Western Australian public sector, as a member of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy governance group
  • providing quality advice and assistance to public sector agencies and authorities, local government authorities and public universities to further enhance EEO management planning in public employment
  • sharing information and promoting leading practice in equity and diversity in the public sector through diversity forums and workshops
  • working with the Disability Services Commission and other stakeholders to establish a Disability Employment in the WA Public Sector Reference group to develop a disability employment strategy.

Page last updated 11 September 2014