Operating context for the DEOPE

Vision and mission

The DEOPE’s vision is for a more diverse workforce that matches the community at all levels of public employment and promotes equal opportunity, inclusion, and freedom from discrimination in all work environments.

The DEOPE’s mission, and the vision, is guided by the role set out in s.143 of the EO Act.

Key services and activities

The DEOPE provides a range of key services to assist public authorities to develop, implement and monitor EEO management plans in accordance with Part IX of the EO Act. The DEOPE works with public authorities to achieve a public sector workforce that reflects a diverse Western Australian community that values and respects the contribution of all employees.

See Appendix 1 for the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment Strategic Plan 2012-2014.

The DEOPE and the Public Sector Commission

The DEOPE is located with the Public Sector Commission (the Commission). There is a synergy between EEO, diversity and workforce planning. The DEOPE works with the Commission towards achieving common objectives associated with supporting quality practices in EEO, diversity and workforce planning to ensure the workforce is representative of the Western Australian community.

Clients and cross-government partnerships

The DEOPE works with:

  • local government authorities
  • public sector agencies and authorities (including government trading enterprises and regulatory authorities)
  • public universities.

The DEOPE is a member of various cross-government initiatives and contributes to the:

  • Aboriginal Employment Strategy governance group
  • Equal Opportunity Commission Substantive Equality program
  • WA CALD across government network
  • Ministerial advisory committee on women in local government.

Resources and corporate governance

The Commission supports corporate services and business system functions for the DEOPE and is the accountable authority for the purposes of the Financial Management Act 2006.

Further information is available in the Public Sector Commission Annual report 2011/12, under ‘Service 5: Equal employment opportunity advice and evaluation of equity and diversity in public employment’ and the financial statements.

Contribution to State Government goals

The DEOPE is committed to a number of key activities and contributing to the government goal of providing a greater focus on achieving results in key service delivery areas for the benefit of all Western Australians. These initiatives are outlined in the ‘Activities and achievements’ section of this report.

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