Commissioner's overview

The Annual report 2011/12 demonstrates the Public Sector Commission’s continuing work to bring leadership and expertise to the public sector to enhance integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.

The Commission continued to deliver a range of services to the sector, including building on reforms introduced by the Public Sector Reform Act 2010, and providing ongoing guidance and support to agencies through instructions, policy frameworks and professional development initiatives. The Commission also increased its presence in regional Western Australia, improving access to our services.

Promoting an effective and ethical public sector, the State of the sector 2011 report, released in November 2011, provided parliament and agencies with an overview of the sector’s performance.

The Commission arranged for the undertaking of two high-profile inquiries and provided the necessary administrative support. The causes and circumstances of the Margaret River bushfire were investigated by Mr Michael Keelty APM, and the Honourable Peter Blaxell undertook the St Andrew’s Hostel inquiry. I thank both Mr Keelty and Mr Blaxell for their valuable contributions.

I recognise that the Commission has operated in an environment of financial constraint and will ensure the Commission continues to evaluate its performance to ensure services can be delivered professionally and in a sustainable manner.

As Commissioner, I am committed to the efficient and effective management of the sector. Over the past twelve months the Commission has continued to improve its services, standards, governance and capabilities, and I commend those who have worked with and supported the Commission during this period. In particular, I wish to express my appreciation of the high standard of professionalism and work by Commission staff.

M C Wauchope


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