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Website redevelopment

In 2011/12, the Commission undertook a project to redevelop a number of websites. The wa.gov.au website and the Public Sector Commission’s website were redeveloped, with refreshed design, updated content and improved compliance with the Web content accessibility guidelines. These redevelopments were undertaken in line with the website governance framework and related policies. The Commission continues to enhance functionality and content to meet stakeholder needs.

The Commission has begun planning the next stage of the project, which includes redeveloping the InterSector website, Integrity Coordinating Group website and jobs.wa.gov.au home page.

Australian Honours System

The Australian Honours System was established in 1975. It represents the highest level of recognition accorded by the nation for outstanding achievement and service by Australians who have contributed to our country in a way that encourages and reinforces the highest community values and enhances national identity. The Commissioner is Western Australia’s representative on the Council for the Order of Australia, and the Chair of the state selection panel for the Public Service Medal.

There were 85 Western Australian recipients in the Australia Day and Queens’s Birthday Honours Lists for 2012, including 2 Western Australian public sector employees who received the award of a Public Service Medal. The medal recognises outstanding contribution to public service. Recipient Mr Peter Mitchell was distinguished for his role as the Sheriff of Western Australia, while Dr Shayne Silcox was distinguished for his work in Western Australian local government.

Register of lobbyists

The Commission is responsible for the administration of the register of lobbyists. As at 30 June 2012, the public register contains 99 lobbying businesses, including 257 individuals. Registered lobbyists and public sector employees are required to adhere to the Contact with lobbyists code.

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