Significant issues impacting the agency

There are a number of current and emerging issues impacting the Commission:

  • The Commission continues to build on the reforms introduced by the Public Sector Reform Act 2010 by providing greater clarification to agencies and promoting flexibilities through Commissioner’s instructions and guidelines.
  • The Integrity (Lobbyists) Bill 2011 was introduced into parliament on 9 November 2011 to promote and enhance public confidence in the transparency, integrity and honesty of dealings between lobbyists and government representatives.
  • The Corruption and Crime Commission Amendment Bill 2012 was introduced into parliament on 21 June 2012 to transfer responsibility for the management of minor misconduct and the education and corruption prevention functions from the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) to the Public Sector Commission, and provide the CCC with the capacity to take on a greater role in organised and major crime.
  • Western Australia continues to experience strong economic growth, resulting in increasing community demand for quality public services. Ensuring that the public sector has a skilled workforce to address this demand is a significant challenge. The Commission continues to address this challenge by implementing the Strategic directions for the public sector workforce 2009-2014 and by facilitating workforce planning across public sector agencies.
  • Through the Aboriginal employment strategy 2011-2015, the Commission will assist Western Australia’s Indigenous people to obtain long-term employment by providing opportunities that lead to meaningful career pathways in the public sector. The ‘Aboriginal traineeship’ program will place up to 163 trainees in public sector employment by 2015. This initiative contributes to the State’s commitment to the Indigenous Economic Participation National Partnership Agreement, which aims to achieve 3.2 per cent Indigenous representation in public sector employment by 2015.
  • Maintaining a high standard of accountability, governance and integrity across all parts of the public sector is a priority for the Commission. The Commission will deliver face-to-face education and training to public sector agencies, local governments, public universities and public sector boards and committees. The Commission’s programs will help build the capacity of public authorities to understand the principles of corporate governance and meet their requirements under the public sector’s accountability framework.

Page last updated 11 September 2014