Commissioner's overview

Western Australia has a long and proud tradition of a public sector providing high quality services to communities across the State.

At the Commission, we built on this tradition in 2012/13 by implementing a substantial machinery of government reform agenda. In doing so, we provided direct assistance and support within the agencies involved and are continuing to support them during the implementation phase.

Together, we continued to progress a significant program of legislative reform on behalf of the Government and are focused on long-term and sustainable employment opportunities for young people, Aboriginal people and people with disabilities across the public sector.

As you read through this annual report, you will see our vision and priorities echoed in our work at every level from our professional approach when undertaking special inquiries to our commitment when providing professional development opportunities within the sector.

You will also see our focus shift to encompass the broader public sector, including boards and committees, local governments and public universities, as we continue to build our relationships with these entities under my other statutory functions.

I am committed to the efficient and effective management of the sector and will ensure we continue to evaluate our performance and standards so our services can be delivered professionally and sustainably.

Looking back over the past year, I am proud of the increased collaboration and strengthened relationships between the Commission and our key stakeholders. I commend my staff for working to deliver on our priorities and building a better public sector.

M C Wauchope


Page last updated 10 September 2014