Significant issues impacting the agency

There are a number of current and emerging issues impacting the Commission.

Resource constraints

While the sector is confronting challenging and complex demand issues, it also faces significant resource constraints. It is a priority of ours to maintain a rigorous approach when reviewing and improving our processes, services and programs in order to achieve the savings needed to meet the efficiency dividend and budget outlook.

Ageing workforce

Twenty-three percent of the Western Australian public sector workforce is aged over 55 years, while the percentage of workers under the age of thirty remains low at 15 per cent. Continued investment in workforce planning and capability development will be a focus for the Commission, in order to ensure the public sector attracts high quality employees while retaining important corporate knowledge.

Aboriginal employment

Through the Aboriginal employment strategy 2011-2015, the Commission will continue to assist Western Australia’s Aboriginal people to obtain long-term employment by providing opportunities that lead to meaningful career pathways in the public sector. The strategy includes a traineeship program that will place up to 163 trainees in public sector employment by 2015. This initiative contributes to the State’s commitment to the Indigenous Economic Participation National Partnership Agreement, which aims to achieve 3.2 per cent Indigenous representation in public sector employment by 2015.

Accountability and governance

The commitment of every employee to public sector values and principles supports the overall performance of the sector. We will continue to support public sector agencies, local governments, public universities, and boards and committees to maintain a high standard of accountability, governance and integrity. This will help build a strong culture of professionalism, and assist agencies in meeting their obligations under the public sector’s accountability framework.

Capacity building

Promoting public sector efficiency and effectiveness and planning for future management of the workforce is a core function of the Commission. In the context of reduced funding and budget constraints, and in keeping with current national trends, we are proposing a new model for capability and development in Western Australia. Shifting from an external focus, this new model will use expertise from within the sector to build the knowledge and skills needed to address current and emerging public administration and management challenges.

Looking ahead

2013 will mark the end of our current strategic plan and significant effort is going into the development of our next strategic plan for 2014-2017. We have decided to build our new plan from the ‘ground up’ based on a scenario-based planning approach.

Page last updated 10 September 2014