Commissioner's overview

Mal Wauchope

It is my privilege to present the Annual report 2013/14 on behalf of the Public Sector Commission.

This year we commenced our new strategic plan for 2014-2017, ‘Act with integrity, lead with purpose’. The plan will assist us to achieve our vision of a high performing public sector and our role to enhance the integrity, effectiveness and efficiency of public administration and management.

A natural progression for me as Public Sector Commissioner, is identifying how the Government’s investment in people can be enhanced by renewing its focus on employee productivity. It is key that employees have access to ongoing professional development and opportunities to diversify their knowledge, skills and experience. Against this backdrop, we increased our focus on fostering public sector capability and leadership development. This approach culminated in the establishment of the Centre for Public Sector Excellence.

The future of the sector must be framed within the need to respond to complex policy and service delivery priorities, requiring us to build on existing good practice and find new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Our reform and renewal program over the year ahead will assist us in achieving this goal. We will also continue to progress a significant program of legislative change on behalf of the Government, and provide support and assistance to the public sector to implement these changes.

We can only do this through the continued efforts and commitment of our people. I thank my team for their contribution both within the Commission, and more broadly, the WA public sector. I look forward to continuing this work over the coming year.

M C Wauchope


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