Significant issues impacting the agency

Resource constraints

While the sector is confronting challenging and complex demand issues, it also faces significant resource constraints. It is a priority of the Commission to maintain a rigorous approach when reviewing and improving processes, services and programs in order to achieve the savings needed to meet the targeted efficiency dividend and budget outlook.

In order to do so, we will continue to consider opportunities for collaboration both within this state and across other jurisdictions. This will allow us to further develop our current practices and ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services.

Reform and renewal

As part of our role we implement changes in legislation, as determined by Parliament, that relate to the administration and management of the public sector and our own organisation.

We continued to support the Government’s legislative program by providing policy, advice and support on key legislation such as the Workforce Reform Act 2014, Corruption and Crime Commission Amendment (Misconduct) Bill 2014 and the Integrity Lobbyists Bill 2014, as well as the review of organisations that support the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

This year we embarked on a partnership of public sector renewal with our colleagues across all public sector jurisdictions. The renewal program, led by the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet, provides opportunities to share good practice policy initiatives and practical success stories. We look forward to continuing this work over the year ahead.

Planning for tomorrow, today

We recognise the current and future workforce issues affecting the sector in the context of a tightening fiscal environment and an ageing workforce, and encourage the sector to tap into underutilised segments of the workforce. We will continue to promote Aboriginal employment, disability employment and youth employment and support agencies to build diverse and capable organisations across all areas of the sector.

Leadership is critical to organisational performance and development and we recognise the importance of developing leaders both across the sector and within our own agency. We will continue to invest in workforce planning and capability development through the Centre for Public Sector Excellence to ensure the public sector prepares the leaders of tomorrow for the challenges they may face. A key feature of our work has been the development of a new series of initiatives, ‘Leadership essentials’ and ‘Management essentials’. These programs provide development opportunities for managers and leaders based around key subject areas such as risk management, critical thinking, accountable decision making and strategic leadership.

Commission staff collaborating on the Commission’s strategic planCommission staff collaborating on the Commission’s strategic plan

Accountability and governance

Integrity is the cornerstone of good governance and is fundamental to strong organisational performance. We will continue to assist the sector to operate with integrity, make accountable and ethical decisions and manage conflicts of interest. This will be achieved through the delivery of training and development programs through the Centre such as Accountable and Ethical Decision Making training, Public Interest Disclosure training and Good Governance training, as well as through our advisory line service.

Improving productivity

The first step to improving public sector productivity is to measure it more carefully. In the year ahead we will consider ways to conduct more detailed assessments of agency performance and employee engagement. When implemented and tracked over time we will be able to gauge the success of initiatives in improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Looking ahead

The year ahead will provide us with the opportunity to expand on our significant achievements for 2013/14 and enhance our current practices so that we have the capability to meet future challenges. With the pace of change and growth in work complexity, our focus over the year ahead will be on improving the sector’s agility and flexibility as well as looking for opportunities to increase innovation and collaboration. These opportunities include:

  • reviewing the existing Senior Executive Service model to ensure it reflects current workforce and Government requirements
  • investigating the current range of flexibilities relating to public sector recruitment and discipline and identifying ways in which we can assist agencies to under these processes more efficiently and effectively
  • enhancing our collection and analysis of employee perception data and increasing the number of surveyed employing authorities and employees.

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Page last updated 30 September 2014