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Welcome to the Public Sector Commission’s Annual report for 2016/17

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The last 12 months has proven strong leadership in a dynamic environment is pivotal to enduring reform. I am pleased to deliver the Public Sector Commission Annual Report 2016/17 to the Parliament of Western Australia, in a year that has brought transformational change to the sector.

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Our year in review

During 2016/17, the Commission was well placed to assist Government implement the public sector reform agenda by advising and supporting agencies through the first phase of the renewal process. To deliver significant Machinery of Government changes in a short period of time, we worked closely with the 44 agencies impacted by the changes. In total, an estimated 73 000 public sector employees were affected by the reforms.

As part of the ongoing renewal process, we played a vital role to strengthen the leadership of the sector, now and for the future. We developed and released three success profiles detailing the role expectations, key accountabilities and experiences deemed critical to the performance across key senior occupational groups.

Data from our oversight activities remains integral to maintaining integrity across the sectors, and continues to underpin our assistance, prevention and education functions. To ensure public authorities understand how to comply with their legislative requirements, and to inform them on increasing their capacity to prevent misconduct, we commenced five integrity evaluations during the period with a total of 43 public authorities participating.

In addition, we continued to strengthen public sector integrity through our involvement in special inquiries and reviews.

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Section 1: Commission in focus

Section 2: Significant issues impacting the Commission

Section 3: Our performance

Section 4: Disclosures and legal compliance

Our focus features

Appendices, Glossary and Shortened forms



Download full report (PDF 5.23 MB)

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Section 1: Commission in focus (PDF 1.1 MB)

Section 2: Significant issues impacting the Commission (PDF 200 Kb)

Section 3: Our performance (PDF 1.1 MB)

Section 4: Disclosures and legal compliance (PDF 1.5 MB)

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