Our organisational structure

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Our organisational structure

Executive profile

Corporate Executive

Our organisational structure

As at 30 June 2017

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Executive profile

Corporate Executive

The Corporate Executive, chaired by the Commissioner, is responsible for making key strategic decisions about the priorities and direction of the Commission. Corporate Executive meetings are supported by frequent senior management meetings attended by all members of the executive team.

Commission's Advisory Board

Established in 2014, the Advisory Board provides assistance and support in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives across the public sector.

In 2017, the Board’s membership was refreshed to further diversify the perspectives and skills of the group. Public sector leaders from a range of authorities and across several service delivery areas, including representatives from local government, public universities and government boards and committees now form the Board’s membership. In light of the Machinery of Government changes, the Board's membership will be reconsidered in the next reporting period.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee strengthens our control environment by overseeing and monitoring the Commission’s governance, risk and control frameworks and its external accountability requirements. The Committee’s role is to review and monitor the adequacy of arrangements to ensure that risks are effectively identified and managed, and that risk management is appropriately embedded in all planning and budgetary processes.

ICT Governance Committee

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Governance Committee operates as a sub-committee of the Commission’s Corporate Executive. The Committee's role is to provide governance for the Commission by overseeing the development, monitoring and implementation of an ‘ICT Roadmap’. This roadmap provides a  plan aligned to the Commission’s key functions in accordance with Digital WA: State ICT Strategy, developed by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.

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Corporate Executive

Mr Mal Wauchope AO

Public Sector Commissioner

Mal leads and positions the Commission as an independent authority, to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Western Australian public sector. By balancing his policy, assistance and oversight roles, he delivers strong leadership to an efficient and collaborative public sector, and one which operates with integrity to ensure public trust and accountability.

Since establishing the Commission in 2008, Mal continues to steer its direction to ensure the agency is responsive to internal and external pressures. Recently, this has included transforming the operations of the Commission in response to two major legislative reforms – changes to the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 and the Integrity (Lobbyists) Act 2016.

Mr Dan Volaric

Deputy Commissioner

Dan supports the Commissioner with his statutory responsibilities in accordance with the PSM Act. This includes providing high-level advice and guidance to the Commissioner across a range of issues affecting the Western Australian public sector. Dan is currently embedded in another agency, providing support through a period of change.

Ms Rebecca Harris

Acting Executive Director, Strategic Engagement and Coordination

Rebecca is responsible for oversight of the Office of the Commissioner, which includes parliamentary processes, freedom of information, and the lobbyists code and register. Other key responsibilities include strategic engagement and coordination, stakeholder relations, events management, protocol and strategic projects coordination.

Rebecca is also the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment (DEOPE), an independent statutory officer appointed by the Governor to perform the functions outlined in Part IX of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (EO Act).

Mr Lindsay Warner

Acting Executive Director, Workforce Performance and Renewal

Lindsay is responsible for oversight of the Commissioner’s statutory responsibilities in relation to policy, machinery of government structural sector reform and reporting to Parliament in accordance with the PSM Act. Lindsay also has responsibility for the management of redeployment and redundancy, the Senior Executive Service and workforce performance and management.

Dr Eileen McCaffrey

Acting Executive Director, Conduct and Compliance

Eileen is responsible for oversight of the Commissioner’s statutory responsibilities in relation to the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 (CCM Act) and compliance with relevant functions of the PSM Act. Eileen’s responsibilities encompass public sector standards, monitoring, minor misconduct prevention and education, minor misconduct investigations and oversight, public interest disclosures, and matters of referral.

Ms Teresa Williams

Acting Chief Finance Officer

Teresa leads and manages the delivery of financial and business services to the Commission and performs the Chief Finance Officer function in accordance with the Financial Management Act 2006. Her team also provides strategic financial advice on government financial management policy, procedures and practice.

Ms Stephanie Boyd

Acting Chief Human Resource Officer

Stephanie and her team in the Human Resources unit provide high-level organisational and employee relations advice to management and employees, particularly around strategic planning, performance development and recruitment activities.

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