State of the Sector report

The State of the Sector report fulfils the Commissioner’s obligation to report to Parliament, public authorities and the community on a number of pieces of legislation including the Public Sector Management Act 1994, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 and the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003.State of the Sector 2018

State of the Sector 2018

The report describes the state of public sector administration and management in accordance with the PSM Act and reports on the extent of compliance by public sector entities with standards and ethical codes.

The report also meets obligations to report on the extent of public authorities’ compliance with the PID Act, and meets obligations to monitor trends and activities in relation to the CCM Act to ensure public authorities are responding effectively to misconduct.

Download the full report (PDF 4.24 MB).

Past State of the Sector reports can be found at Parliament of Western Australia.

State of the Sector Statistical Bulletin 2018

The State of the sector Statistical Bulletin 2018 provides information about the state of administration, integrity and conduct in public authorities for 2017/18. The bulletin includes:

  • public sector workforce demographic data as at 30 June 2018 collected from agencies as part of the Human resource minimum obligatory information requirement program
  • employee perception data collected from a sample of public sector employees as part of the 2018 Employee perception survey
  • employing authority data collected from public sector agencies as part of the 2018 Public sector entity survey
  • data collected from local governments, public universities, government trading enterprises and government boards and committees as part of the 2017 Integrity conduct survey (ICS).

Download the full statistical bulletin (Excel 645kb).

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