Appendix L - List of figures

Figure 2.1 Employee awareness of ethical codes and policies, 2012 and 2013

Figure 2.2 Employee confidence in PID processes, 2013

Figure 3.1 Innovation strategies used by public sector bodies, 2012/13

Figure 3.2 Red tape reduction strategies used by entities, 2012/13

Figure 4.1 Employee engagement levels in the WA public sector, 2013

Figure 4.2 Strategies used by entities to assist managers to effectively manage employee performance, 2012/13

Figure 4.3 Entity strategies to support grievance management, 2012/13

Figure 4.4 Strategies used by entities to reduce bullying, 2012/13

Figure 4.5 Strategies used by entities to monitor compliance with the public sector standards, 2012/13

Figure 5.1 Public sector employees by non-metropolitan region, June 2013

Figure 5.2 Regional comparison of WA public sector employees, labour force and population, 2012 and 2013

Figure 5.3 Age profile comparison of public sector with the WA labour force, June 2013

Figure 5.4 Employee views on support for diversity within their entity, 2013

Figure 6.1 Workforce risks facing entities in the next five years, 2013

Figure 6.2 Strategies used by entities to address or prevent skills shortages, 2012/13

Figure 6.3 Interjurisdictional perceptions on entity commitment to a diverse workforce, 2011 to 2013

Figure 6.4 Entity strategies to support the national partnership objectives, 2012/13

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Appendix K - References

Appendix M - List of tables

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