Appendix M - List of tables

Table 2.1 Entity strategies to encourage employee reporting of unethical behaviour, 2012/13

Table 2.2 Types of breaches of ethical codes in entities, 2012/13

Table 2.3 Outcomes of substantiated breaches of ethical codes in entities, 2012/13

Table 2.4 Disclosures assessed as appropriate, 2008/09 to 2012/13

Table 2.5 Activities undertaken for the disclosures assessed as appropriate, 2012/13

Table 3.1 Status of strategic planning within public sector bodies, 2013

Table 3.2 Integration of strategic and operational planning within entities, 2013

Table 3.3 Status of risk management within entities, 2013

Table 3.4 Scope of internal audit and evaluation programs within entities, 2013

Table 3.5 The differences between budgeted and actual cost of services in a sample of public sector bodies, 2012/13

Table 4.1 Outcome of breach claims finalised under each public sector standard, 2012/13

Table 5.1 Occupations in the public sector and broader WA workforce, 2003 and 2013

Table 5.2 Diversity groups in the public sector, June 2009 to 2013

Table 5.3 Distribution across salary levels of diversity groups in the public sector, June 2009 to 2013

Table A.1 Monitoring and evaluation framework components

Table A.2 Complete response options for selected AAS questions

Table D.1 WA government sector structure

Table D.2 Departments

Table D.3 SES organisations (listed in PSM Act Schedule 2)

Table D.4 Non-SES organisations

Table D.5 Entities that report under another entity

Table D.6 Government boards and committees

Table D.7 Local government authorities

Table D.8 Public universities

Table D.9 Other Schedule 1 entities

Table E.1 Comparison of EPS respondents and WA public sector employees, 2013

Table E.2 EPS response rates for entities, 2013

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Appendix L - List of figures

Appendix N - Acknowledgements


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