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I submit to Parliament the State of the sector report 2013 in accordance with s. 22D of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and s. 22 of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (PID Act).

This report describes the state of WA public sector administration and management in 2013 and reports on the extent of compliance by public sector bodies with public sector principles, standards and ethical codes.

The report also meets the obligation under the PID Act to report on the extent of compliance with the PID Act and minimum standards of conduct and integrity for public interest disclosure officers.

I intend to publish the report after it is laid before the House.

M C Wauchope


19 November 2013


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© State of Western Australia 2013

There is no objection to this report being copied in whole or part, provided there is due acknowledgement of any material quoted or reproduced from the report.

Published by the Public Sector Commission (Western Australia), November 2013.

ISSN 1839-7891

This report is available on the Public Sector Commission website at www.publicsector.wa.gov.au


The Western Australian Government is committed to quality service to its customers and makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the data contained in this document. However, changes in circumstances after time of publication may impact the quality of this information. Confirmation of the information may be sought from originating bodies or departments providing the information.


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