Appendix C: Supplementary data tables

Minor misconduct

Table 2: Number of minor misconduct matters notified to the Commission by sector

Sector Notifications

(Section 45H)

(Section 45E)
Public sector 260 107 367
Local governments 51 49 100
Government trading enterprises 48 1 49
Public universities 3 7 10
Out of jurisdiction 0 8 8
Total 362 172 534

Table 3: Number of allegations by categories of misconduct

Type of misconduct No.
Personal behaviour 621
Fraudulent or corrupt behaviour 152
Misuse of public resources 42
Conflicts of interest 35
Misuse of information and recordkeeping 43
Inappropriate provision of gifts or hospitality 20
Pending assessment 1
Does not relate to the conduct of a public officer as defined within the CCM Act 55
Total 969

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Table 4: Number of actions taken by the Commission in relation to minor misconduct allegations

Type of actions Matters Alegations
Referred to authority – outcome requested 144 252
Referred to authority – report requested for review 65 127
Referred to Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) or other agency 126 184
Referred to authority – no response required 8 10
Investigated by Public Sector Commission 2 40
Ongoing 14 78
Did not meet the definition of minor misconduct or had otherwise been dealt with appropriately at time of receipt 175 278
Total 534 969

123 matters were referred to the CCC and three matters to the Ombudsman. Generally, matters are referred to the CCC under Section 45M(d), where:

  • the matter, or at least one allegation within the matter, appears to be serious misconduct
  • it appears to otherwise fall within the CCC’s jurisdiction
  • it involved issues known to be of interest to the CCC.

The number of matters and allegations referred by the Commission to the CCC, and those the CCC report were received from the Commission, are not the same. This is due to a number of factors including:

  • the CCC’s notification figures not including matters that have been received, but not yet assessed
  • the point-in time the respective data sets used for reporting were extracted
  • the assessment of matters, and subsequently the number of allegations recorded, is subject to individual agency practices.

Table 5: Number of actions taken against individuals

Outcome Public





Training, counselling or other improvement action 48 10 16 1 75
Employment terminated 29 12 25 2 68
Not terminated, but other sanction applied 40 2 2 1 45
No sanction applied 4 0 2 0 6
Total 121 24 45 4 194

Note: The Commission has made one recommendation under Section 45X(1)(b) of the CCM Act that an agency give consideration to the initiation of a disciplinary process against an employee. The disciplinary process has been initiated and is ongoing.

Unethical conduct

Table 6: Number of completed discipline/breaches of ethical code

Types of action Discipline


Offensive or inappropriate personal behaviour (e.g. threatening or abusive language/conduct) 507 241
Repeated unreasonable or inappropriate behaviour directed towards a worker, or group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety (e.g. bullying) 110 50
Failure to manage conflict of interest 90 21
Inappropriate acceptance/provision of gift/benefit 7 5
Corrupt behaviour (e.g. misusing position for benefit for self/detriment to others) 34 13
Misuse of computer/internet/email (e.g. illegal content) 71 48
Discrimination, harassment, sexual assault or other discriminatory/indecent behaviour 57 32
Illicit drug use/alcohol intoxication 135 94
Inappropriate physical behaviour (e.g. assault) 211 101
Inappropriate access/use/disclosure of information 147 51
Workplace bribes/theft (e.g. cash/workplace equipment) 32 12
Misuse of public resources (e.g. vehicles, credit card) 115 51
Fraudulent behaviour/falsification of information/records 101 60
Neglect of duty (e.g. careless or negligent behaviour in performance of duties) 322 206
Criminal behaviour outside work 23 6
Unauthorised secondary employment outside work 12 7
Disobeying or disregarding a direction or lawful order
143 122
Failing to act with integrity (e.g. intentionally failing to perform or acting in a dishonest way) 106 73
Others 126 65
Total 2349 1258

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Table 7: Number of completed discipline processes by type of outcome

Octcome Total
Training, counselling or other improvement action 966
Employment terminated 170
Not terminated, but other sanction applied 63
No sanction applied 207
Total 1406

Public interest disclosures

Table 8: Types of public interest information contained in appropriate public interest disclosures

Category Total
Improper conduct 6
Offence under State law 2
Substantial irregular or unauthorised use of public resources 2
Substantial mismanagement of public resources 3
Act or omission that involves a substantial and specific risk of injury to public health; prejudice to public safety; harm to environment; or harm to environment
Matters covered by the Ombudsman 2
Total 17

One public sector agency reported two allegations of non-compliance with the PID Act. There were no allegations of non-compliance with the PID Officer’s Code of Conduct and integrity.


Table 9: Number of formal grievance cases by sector

Sector Total
Public sector 316
Local governments 285
Government trading enterprises 54
Public universities 79
Boards and committees
Total 761

Breach of standard claims

Table 10: Number of breach of standard claims dealt with by public sector agencies and the Public Sector Commission (Commission)

Type of breach standard claims Public sector Commission
Employment standard 79 74 (recruitment)

1 (transfer)
Grievance resolution standard 16 13
Performance management standard 1 2
Redeployment standard 0 0
Termination standard 2 0
Total 98 90

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