Improving processes and decision making in administrative investigations

Public authorities have indicated sending employees on the Commission’s Certificate IV in Government (Investigation) course has saved them financially by utilising and developing in-house talent to conduct internal investigations, reducing the need to use external consultants. 

Crystal Fripp, the Shire of Esperance’s Human Resources Officer, found the Certificate IV in Government (Investigation) training to be a great benefit in her role as a HR Officer. 

‘My skills and confidence in conducting an internal investigation have increased as a result of participating in this training. I have since been involved in conducting workplace investigations and found the processes and techniques I learnt in the program were very useful, relevant and have improved the quality and record keeping of my investigations,’ Crystal said. 

Crystal liked the fact that the training included a good balance of theory and practical components, and highly recommend the training for other local government officers. 

Lee Gyomorei, City of Canning’s Governance and Compliance Supervisor has over 20 years local government experience, in both metropolitan and regional areas, and said undertaking the Certificate IV was a great opportunity for her to consolidate existing skills and capabilities with a formalised qualification in this area.  

‘The course has complimented my existing credentials, and completing the certificate has provided me with a renewed approach to my role in governance and compliance. It has also enabled me to establish more formalised processes which provide for planning, accountability, understanding, and above all, procedural fairness for all parties. Presentation of the course content is to be complimented, and has provided me with the desire to pursue further education in this field,’ Lee said.

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Page last updated 19 October 2017