Partnership ensuring collaboration on local and regional decision making

A new intergovernmental agreement was signed on 2 August 2017 by the Premier and representatives of State and local government during the Western Australian Local Government Association’s Annual General Meeting. The new agreement had been strongly advocated for by the local government sector and fills the gap left by the previous agreement which lapsed approximately a decade ago.  

The agreement aims to bolster local voices on significant issues, and provide greater scope for local government input into State Government policy by establishing communication and consultation protocols. It also establishes a State and Local Government Partnership Group which will meet annually to discuss matters of mutual importance to both sectors.

The objects of the agreement signed in the presence of over 500 local government professionals, seeks to promote transparency and accountability through better community engagement and increased consistency in local government decision making. 

The complementary strengths of each sector, such as the State Government’s ability to lead and set policy and local government’s reach into community issues, are positioned to be leveraged for the benefit of the community at large, by the agreement.

Delivering the best possible outcomes for the Western Australian community through the provision of good governance and rigorous, inclusive and consultative decision-making processes is a critical component in sustaining public engagement and trust in the sectors. 

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