Our role

The Public Sector Commission (the Commission) is an independent authority with policy, assistance and oversight roles that supports the statutory responsibilities of the Public Sector Commissioner (the Commissioner). The Commissioner holds an independent office, with responsibility under several pieces of legislation. 

The Commission’s objective is to bring leadership and expertise to the public sector to support the integrity, effectiveness and efficiency of public administration and management. As an advocate and enabler for the sectors, meaningful collaboration and partnerships with Western Australian public authorities, external stakeholders and the community is crucial to providing informed leadership and high-level insight into the challenges and issues facing the sectors.

The Commission ensures public authorities are well-positioned, and public officers are suitably skilled, to deliver on the priorities of government to the high standard expected by the community. To facilitate this, the Commission acts as a vital point of reference for sector-wide policies, strategic initiatives, and delivery of whole-of-government priorities.

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Page last updated 19 October 2017